Slavery 's Impact On America 's Economic And Social Life

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Justin Mariasi 11/21/14 Mrs. Sparks US History Slavery 's impact on America’s economic and social life Slavery in the United States was at the same time both economically beneficial to southern planters and unsustainable due to the industrial revolution and the reliance upon single cash crops. In this document I will explain what forms of slave resistance existed in American society, how and why slavery was beneficial to the United States, how the slaves in the United States were treated and how the slaves were traded into the United States. Slavery changed the world in many ways that affect the way people think and act today. Slaves resisted many things, and did whatever they could to get out of doing their unjust work. Slave resistance was an extremely common and normal act of which slaves would commonly break tools, fake illnesses, staging slowdowns, and committed acts of arson, which is burning houses with intentions of damages; and sabotage. All which were forms of slave resistance/retaliation and expression of slaves alienation from their masters. During the early 18th century there were slave revolts and uprisings, some to mention took place in Long Island in 1708 and in New York City in 1712. Slaves in South Carolina executed several violent uprisings, the apex of their uprisings was the Stono Rebellion in 1739. During the Stono Rebellion, the slaves killed whites, burned houses and seized arms. While some slaves tried to escape and revolt against their owners
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