Slaves And Slavery : Spartacus And The Slave War

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Spartacus And the Slave War
Roman society was a slave society simply because slavery as an institution dominated the Roman mentality (publishing, 2009). The owners felt superior by having power over their slaves to the extent where their freedom and death were upon the owners. Their jobs included household chores including preparing meals, mining, factories and farm work where they produced food and materials the city depended on. As well as that public building where they worked on aqueduct systems, roads, and the arenas. Slaves were treated in a wide variety of way as there were good and bad slaves. Some were treated like family, majority worked a regular shift while others faced harsh conditions (Donegan, 2010). The topic of Spartacus and the three slave wars shall be discussed in the following paragraphs and the fact that Spartacus was a true hero simply because he fought for freedom.
The First Servile War, prompted by Enna, occurred in 135-132 BC on the island of Silcily. The rebellion of slaves was unsuccessful against Roman republic. The war was led by Ennus, a former slave alongside his Cilician military commander Cleon. Ennus was hired as an entertainer where he performed magic tricks. It was during this where he had announced he would become the king and the audience would be killed. He promised to spare the lives of those who gave him tip regardless. The Second Servile War was another unsuccessful war on the islands of Silcily in 104-100 BC. The war was led by a

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