Sleep Deprivation In Teen Students

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Sleep deprivation is a growing problem in today’s society. It affects students who need to wake up for school in the early hours in the morning. Scientists and doctors say that schools should change their start times to later in the morning to allow students to attain the eight to ten hours of sleep needed to perform to the best of their ability with their academics as well as their athletics. Some school districts have taken this information into account, and in result changed their schools hours. While this can resolve some troubles regarding sleep deprivation in teen students, changing hours can raise other problems. In some cases, it may also not fix the problem and students will continue to stay awake into late hours of the night. This also does not allow the student to accept the consequences of staying up late. Starting school later in the morning could also affect after-school activities such as sports and clubs.

If school districts decide to change their hours to accommodate students, it does not require them to realize that staying up late at night is wrong. Teenagers often use electronic devices before they go to bed, which can result in losing up to two hours of sleep (Source E). Students also seem to not have interest in changing their sleep schedule. “Students in the past have said, ‘I’m not going to change my sleep-wake schedule unless you can prove to me that it’s going to make a significant difference in my grades’” (Source B). This shows that students

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