Sleep Hard, Work Harder ( Why Should High School Start Late? )

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Sleep Hard, Work Harder (Why Should High School Start Late?)

Did you know that more sleep is all you need to be a better student? According to Staff Reports, “many high-school and middle-school students face increase in school work and school activities, just as natural changes alter their sleep needs’’(Staff Reports 1). Sleep deprivation is associated with later bedtimes and early wake times, which can lead to dangerous consequences. The American Academy of Pediatrics states potential risk of adolescent chronic sleep loss include behavioral issues, learning problems, poor impulse control and academic challenges. High school should start later because kids need a lot of sleep, it will increase academic performance, boost attendance, test scores and overall grades.
According to Peterson (who?), later school start time was linked as one of the reasons for improvement in teens’ sleeping patterns. A new study finds that later school start time significantly reduces daytime sleepiness and caffeine use in adolescents. This shows that when teens sleep more there is a clear decline in sleep deprivation and mood swings.This article also states that “ It is well-known that sleep deprivation is common among teens,with potential of serious impact on mental and physical health...and early high school start times contribute to these problems’’(Peterson 1). This quote is supporting the argument that when school starts early, it generally tends to have a negative effect both physically

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