Smacking Good Brother Research Paper

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For the past 14 years, I tried being a good son and more importantly a good brother. I obeyed orders. I let you girls have most of the attention, and I did everything that was asked of me. But as weird as it may sound, getting bitten woke me up...

I still want to be a good brother and I'm still a good son, but I need more.
These are the last days of summer for me... In 2 years, I will be leading my own band. I will have to tour and grind. I will have to try the best I can to reach the top, but then what?
What will happen after my first God Smacking Good show or after I become #1? There is more to life than music and I want to see it all before it's too late.
So now you know. When Lieve bit me, what I saw was not a girl being crazy(Okay

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