Small Assassin Compare And Contrast

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In The Small Assassin, Alice creates a baby with David that continuously brings them constant fear. Alice claims that this baby is out to kill her. She tries to convince David and Doctor Jeffers that this is truly happening, but no one completely believes her until someone gets hurt because of it. Between The Small Assassin short story, and film, there are many things alike, but many differences also appear throughout both. The first difference between the short story and the film is that they start out in different ways. The short story starts with Alice in the hospital after delivering her first child. The thought that continuously runs through her head is that she is being murdered, and supposedly, according to Doctor Jeffers, she clearly shows this during her delivery. When she first has the baby, she asks David if he would like to meet the murderer. After this, Doctor Jeffers waited for David the day that he came to take his wife and new child home. Jeffers asked David if the baby was a ‘wanted’ child, and David responded with …show more content…

In the short story, David walks in the door, coming home from work, to find Alice lying at the bottom of the stairs. She had tripped on the baby toy, causing her to fall down the stairs and die. After Alice had died and David had realized that she was right all along about the baby, Doctor Jeffers gave him sedative to knock him out for a long time. Later the next day, Doctor Jeffers went to check on David and found him dead in his bed, due to a gas leak in their house. In the film, Doctor Jeffers walks in the door to find David lying on the floor at the bottom of the steps. He had tripped over the baby toy, fallen down the steps, and died. After he found David lying at the bottom of the steps, he walked upstairs in hopes to find Alice. Alice was laying in the bed dead, and had been electrocuted while she was asleep in her

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