Smoke and Alarms Essay

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Alarms were blaring, rebounding through the tiled halls. Cameras whirred, their mechanic brains trying to pinpoint the thief. I ran through the halls, my feet skimming on an expensive European rug. In my pocket was a diamond the size of my fist. I heard a crisp fluttering of wings behind my head, and I risked a glance backwards. There behind me was a pitch black raven, flapping it's wings frantically, trying to catch up to me. In its talons was a sack. It was slowing it down considerably and the raven was descending at an alarming rate. “Hurry,” I hissed, not slowing my headlong pace down the hall. Up ahead I could see a grand staircase, putting on a bust of speed I took a deep rasping breath , preparing myself , and jumped onto the …show more content…

I raced toward the window , behind me I could hear the leader yelling, “I'm fine you fools, She getting away,” I was five feet away, now three, now two. Then crash. I fell hard scraping my chin on the wooden floor. Looking back I saw a young guard holding onto my ankle, my expression must've been sour because his face turned frightful, feeling no pity, I brought my heel down hard onto his face. I felt the bones give way under my foot and scrambled to my feet. The guards were almost upon me, I leaped ontot the window and there I crouched. My head turned slightly toward the ranks of guards that had stopped two feet away, all knowing the inevitable outcome of this. My face was half in shadow and I gave them an impish grin. Only the leader moved. He lunged but nothing was there but a swirling mist. His hands grasped in the film of gray, as he stuck his head out the window. His face turned red and he bellowed, “I WILL GET YOU SMOKE” I arrive on the corner of Elm st. and Main, a tiny corner that was often occupied by frantic shoppers and late workers. It was only one part of the bustling New York. I had changed my dark coat for my stylish tan, leather jacket, in one of my nearby hideouts. The best way to keep yourself from attracting attention is to be ostentatious. However I had never understood why these empty minded fools had found the gaudy orange and neon pink attractive. My black pants were exchanged for a pair of flashy

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