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As you move up the vaping ladder, it becomes more than just an alternative to tobacco smoking; it becomes an art where getting optimal flavor and vapor off your e-juice is essential. That is when the urge to constantly upgrade your vaping device kicks in. For most vapers, upgrading to a good Rebuildable Tank Atomizer is the ultimatum. If you are in this stage of vaping, I would vouch for Azeroth RTA, from CoilArt, at Vape Happy. Here are a few features that makes this RTA a must have. Design The Azeroth RTA comes in a plush design that is very pleasing to the eye. You can choose from gold, black and stainless steel colors. Other than aesthetics, the RTA is highly portable. It weighs 50g and measure24mm in diameter and 52mm in height, thus, …show more content…

The velocity style deck has a dual pole just in case you want to stick to the normal. This deck has a large enough diameter to allow you build more coils. Also, the large post holes allow you to easily fit you large wires. Conversely, the postless deck has triple-coil build, meaning that there are six posts in total. When you first see this deck, you might be tempted to think that it is for the most advanced vapor. However, it is pretty easy to build on it. Besides, it has positive and negative posts aligned right to each other. Whichever you choose, as long as your building and wicking is done right, you are guaranteed of massive clouds of vapor. Drip Tip The Drip Tip is made of heat-insulation materials. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about burning your mouth when it gets too hot. Additionally, the drip tip is wide enough to prevent the creation of any mess. Air Flow The Azeroth RTA has three adjustable airflows, which are right below the deck. This allows direct airflow to the coils, ensuring that you do not get dry hits. You can adjust the airflow as you like, and are bound to enjoy some of your best direct-lung inhales, with this RTA. Happy with what you’ve heard about this RTA so far? Come to Vape Happy and get your own monster at an affordable price of

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