Snider, Hill And Martin. (2003) Stated That“ Csr May Be

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Snider, Hill and Martin. (2003) stated that “ CSR may be defined in general terms as "the obligation of the firm to use its resources in ways to benefit society, through committed participation as a member of society, taking into account the society at large and improving welfare of society at large independent of direct gains of the company" (as cited in Kok et al., 2001, p. 288). Since the growth of the corporations depend on the societal factors, corporations should be responsible for the society for the corporation’s own benefit in the long run. “The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) construct describes the relationship between business and the larger society” (Snider et al., 2003). According to The Wall Street Journal (2013),…show more content…
As Kline (2017) stated, “Socially responsible companies can reduce their credit spread by 40%, avoid market losses from crises (saving millions), double the probability of receiving investment grade ratings, reduce share price volatility 2-10%, and reduce systematic or market risk by 4%.” More interestingly, Kline (2017) mentioned, “...the researchers found that corporate responsibility could potentially increase the market value of a company by up to 6% over a 15- year period. Market value may grow even more -- to 40-80% higher than peers ' and competitors ' market value -- for companies with strong relationships with stakeholders such as environmental and social NGOs.” Similarly, Kline (2017) voiced, “The study found several advantages on the human resources front due to retention of talent attracted to CR. Staff turnover rates are 25 to 50% lower in responsible companies, who can save around $3700 on average in wage increases to encourage an employee to stay when he or she would rather go elsewhere.” Kline (2017) brought up some engaging trends, “ In fact, in responsible companies 5% of employees say they are willing to accept a decline in compensation. These companies register a 7.5% increase in

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