Snout's On Patrol Analysis

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Snout’s on Patrol Did you know there are pigs that work at airports? I’m one. My name is Snout. I’m an airport pest control pig. I look for birds that are living in the tall grass and bushes near the runways at the airport. Birds can cause problems for planes. If they come too close to one, they can run into it or fly into the engines. I help keep people and birds safe. I have a fabulous sense of smell, and I’m very smart. I can figure out where the birds are from their scent. Here’s what happened today. 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. My trainer Joe and I patrolled the grass and bushes along runways 1 through 5. Many birds come to these brushy areas to build their nests, and also because there are seeds, insects, and berries to eat. It was a quiet
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