Snowstorm Lawsuit

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The Snow Storm Lawsuit Strayer University Identify and explain at least three legal considerations. The first legal consideration in this case is related to corporate liability. The hospital itself is negligent under this doctrine. Corporate negligence is the failure to provide the equipment, facilities, and staff to carry out the duties of the corporation in accordance with the established standard of conduct (Showalter, 2007). Corporate negligence is evident in this case in regard to the failure to ensure that sufficient healthcare personnel were available to provide the established standard of care to the patients in the facility. Moreover, the personnel that were required to remain at the hospital from the day shift were likely…show more content…
Therefore, an increased incidence of falls and resulting injury are a foreseeable result of the staffing shortage. Identify and explain three ethical considerations. Leaders in healthcare organizations are often faced with a variety of ethical issues. Ethical considerations will be discussed from a leadership perspective. The ethical considerations related to this case are the responsibility to patients, responsibility to employees, and responsibility to the organization. Responsibilities to patients includes providing quality care that meets established standards, ensuring there are mechanisms in place to monitor and evaluate the performance of healthcare personnel, hiring and retaining competent professional staff that meet licensing and accreditation standards, and consistently reviewing, researching, and implementing evidence-based practices. This case fails to demonstrate ethical conduct in terms of responsibilities to patients specifically in regard to staffing, which, in turn affects quality of care. Responsibilities to employees include providing an adequate and safe work environment, ensuring that employees are equipped with equipment, facilities, and sufficient staff to perform their duties within the established standards of care, promoting the appropriate use of employee’s knowledge and skills, and providing a mechanism for employees to voice ethical concerns. This case fails to meet this ethical standard as evidenced by not providing sufficient
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