Social And Social Class

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Throughout this documentary, we see how social and economic class affect the views of others. It changes how people are perceived throughout classes and how it not only affects our cultures, and opinions but can also possibly predict the classes of our future generations. In America, it is seen as almost impossible for families who are already in the bottom two rings of social class to move up, and they hope for their children to do better. However, what would happen if social classes were nonexistent? How would our world change? Essentially, there are both positives and negatives but the positive causes might not be worth the negatives. If there was no diversity in the world, there would obviously be positive affects such as the elimination of racism and war. Despite this, we also must take into account that there wouldn’t necessarily be any control over our own selves. There would be nothing to set anyone apart. There would be no personal opinions, no religious belief. It would be as if we had no life to live. Nothing to look forward to, everything would be bland and feel pointless. We would live in a cookie cutter society. There would be no classes, there would be no drastic changes from upper class to lower class. Everyone would be equal. The mother in the movie wouldn’t live in poverty, and the WASP community would not be rich. Their views and opinions would be exactly the same and there would be no difference between the two. There wouldn’t be people

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