Social And Social Order In Ancient Roman Society

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Social Order: In Roman culture, the society was based on heredity, property, wealth, citizenship and freedom. Roman society was also patriarchal, where it heavily focused more on the men than women. Women were expected to produce male heirs and look after the cleaning and maintenance of the houses they lived in, other than that, they had less independence than men did. Your status in the world is very important. There were different class ranks which represented a certain group of people. These classes often interacted with each other. These classes include Slaves, Freemen, Soldiers, Equestrians, Senators, the Nobility, and the Emperor. These class systems were heavily enforced under the law. The laws even governed what each class wore for clothing. For example, the Emperor was the only one allowed to wear a purple toga. Senators were allowed to wear a white toga with a broad purple stripe along the edge, and horse riders wore togas with a narrow purple stripe. In Roman society, there was also a system of patronage. Members of the upper class would offer protection and freedom to freedmen and plebeians, the working class, if they became their “cliens”, also known as clients. Freed slaves often became cliens to their former owners. Patronage can include money, food, or legal help. In return, the upper classmen gained respect and political favors. Roman generals who conquered lands became the patron to the people of that land. Roman cities and

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