Social Aspects Of Islam Mohammed

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I have a feeling that talking about this rather sensitive topic will raise hell and will indeed upset many who actually deeply believe that their bloodline goes back to the Prophet of Islam Mohammed (PBUH). However, I strongly believe that it is about time that we talk about this phenomenon, which only congregate our ignorance and backwardness.

Growing in a conservative and religious environment, many social aspects of life in Morocco did not make sense to my head, and my brain could and will never be able to digest how the vast majority of Moroccans, regardless their social status, believe that they have all a sacred lineage to the Holy House. They believe that their bloodline takes all the way back to the Prophet. This includes the rich and the poor, the educated and the illiterate; they all claim some type of holiness and show it off when opportunities occur and permit.

In a previous analysis, I talked about how Islam has been widely and abusively used throughout Moroccan history to gain power and wealth. This has been proven and recorded in history books. Each ruling dynasty used the banner of religion to overthrow the declining and fading dynasty.

When Islam was introduced to humanity, it introduced a doctrine, which promotes a social equality and called for abolishing of social differences. Islam praises those who do good deeds and abide by the Divine rules set by the Deity and His Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). There is no single verse in the Holy Koran that praises a
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