Social Blindness

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Authorial figures for many years, in many countries have been brain-washing citizens. Social blindness, the misuse of technology, and individuality all have to do with a society becoming totally blind. The societies do not understand that their so-called "leaders" who run their country are indoctrinating their lives. A society becomes blind by authorial figures brainwashing citizens into thinking all the wrong attributes are right, thus leading to a society with bigger problems than before.
To begin, social blindness is a way humans become blind-folded to the worldly, economic problems in the world. This problem of social blindness is not only displayed in the book, by Ayn Rand, Anthem, but also in the modern-day country of North Korea. In the documentary by National Geographic about North Korea, it is stated that no one has control over their own lives, everything is dictated by their supreme leader, Kim Jong-un. He controls over the whole country. His policy is communism. Similar to the book Anthem, he makes everyone believe how he rules is how it is supposed to be. That is wrong. He rules as almost a God-like dictator. This has been going on for so many years, it is normal for the people of North Korea, thus making them socially blind to the all the wrong attributes set forth by Kim Jong-un. This verifies the idea of citizens being indoctrinated because of authorial figures and the inhuman ways they rule. They rule as a person who is way higher or above the citizens of

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