Essay on Social Changes and Unrest in American During World War I

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December 7th, 2013

World War I left the citizens of the United States on edge and fearing for their lives and their families lives from the “Reds.” The “Reds” were the army that Vladimir Lenin led against the Russian Monarchy to introduce communism in Russia. Many Americans feared that Lenin’s followers, the Bolsheviks, would come and do the same in America. They were afraid America would be taken over. By immigrants, anarchists, and communists. This post World War I time period became known as the Red Scare. During this time of fear and unease every immigrant was suspect in the eyes of the “native” Americans and the government. The war, combined with this, caused many social changes and general social unrest, and made Americans and …show more content…

When found individuals within these terror groups would be arrested, tried, then deported. The task force Palmer created started these arrest and deportation cycles which evolved and became known as “The Palmer Raids.” In these raids Palmer led the justice department on raids of suspected radical groups. January 2nd, 1920, thousands of suspected radicals were arrested and charged with anarchy, though only about 500 ended up getting deported. Not only was there turmoil in the immigrants community, but it was also within the American population (About Red Scare).
The Seattle General Strike, in February of 1919, was one of the primary events of the Red Scare. This strike was the first city-wide labor action to be names a general strike in America. It began at the shipyards and froze the Seattle port, as well as started spreading fear throughout America. September 9th, 1919, the Boston Police Department went on strike as well. The American people feared the “Reds” were the cause of this strike and it shook the people of Boston to their core. Theft and looting ran rampant in Boston and the whole city was paralyzed. In the fall, steel workers went on strike to get eight hour work days, which slowed the nation’s economy. That November, the Industrial Workers of the World, or IWW, were created in Centralia, Washington. All of these strikes started the fear that the IWW was attempting to revolt. Panic filled the nation as more and more immigrants entered the United States to

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