Social Class In Les Mis�rables And The Kite Runner

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In Les Misérables, social class was the main way a person was either rich or poor and whether or not you had power, the other way one was rich or poor was how they treated others, if they were generous or sinful. In The Kite Runner, one was either rich or poor and had power or not, by social class, but the main way was the qualities shown towards people. In Les Misérables and The Kite Runner, both books show the many ways one could be rich and poor. This will show the effects of being rich or poor and how having power affects the way you act and how you are treated. Some are poor or rich in result of their social class, race, or the religion they were born into, social constrictions also played a vital role in what type of person you became. Jean Valjean lived with very little money and he had to take care of his sister and her kids. Society had treated him badly and in return, he became a person poor in charitable qualities and actions. When Monsieur Madeleine gave him a chance, Jean had changed his ways to become a better person and even a new person.”Jean Valjean… you belong no longer to evil, but to good. It is your soul I am buying for you… I give it to God!” pg.34. Jean became successful and he started giving his money to people who are in need because he knows how it felt to be treated badly. Jean has witnessed his abilities and power over people, yet he did not abuse this power. Instead, Jean used his power to help people, as the bishop had done. The bishop

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