Social Class Reflection

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When There Is a Direction to Choose, Choose Forward

Middle school is where it all started. Just mentioning the word “middle school” can dig up popular and gooey or humiliating and traumatic memories. Seven long hours before my very first day, I didn’t have a sliver of a chance of falling into any level of sleep. My thoughts were in a frazzle with anticipation, weighing heavy to remember my ‘seven class’ schedule, hoping I can run fast enough from my class in the far north corner up the stairs and down a very long hallway to the south dwelling class. Trying to keep my combination straight, I sounded like a likely candidate for a psych ward……..right 32, left 16, right 40…….right 32, left 16, right 40 over and over and over. School wasn’t about learning, it was about being 8 steps ahead in case a popular competition moved in or how to patch the ding in my social class status. We are brought into this world with countless opportunities of being whoever we want.
Our juvenile years are full of mistakes and sifting through our core beliefs to sculpt out who that is. I learned a hard lesson that if you don’t have the grades it doesn’t matter how good you would have been at cheerleading. You were easily replaceable. I “fell off the horse” and instead of getting back up again….I chose to be afraid of the horse. Friend circles were closing and I didn’t acquire the right credentials to join the ones my mom would encourage. I kept my eyes and ears open in the event it was

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