Social Class, Religion, Gender And Many Others

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Every person on this earth has an individual human experience shaped by the larger social forces of race, social class, religion, gender and many others. I am very lucky to have had the experience I’ve had so far, growing up in a loving home with very supportive parents and living in a wealthy town with a good education system. All of these aspects, along with many others, have influenced my beliefs, as well as how I have gotten to where I am today and who I have become. To the eye, I am a white, Italian, catholic girl from a wealthy town in Connecticut. All of these things true, but these aren’t the things that define me. However, they have all helped to shape who I have become today and what I believe in. Growing up, I would go to church every Sunday with my family and I learned and followed all of the values that came along with being Christian. Although, I am no longer as religious as I used to be, I always try to be a caring and forgiving person as I had learned to be throughout my childhood. The church was just one of the many social institutions that influenced me into becoming who I am today.
The schools I have attended over the course of my life not only helped to socialize me, but put me on a path to success. Although there is a paradox in our education system in the United States that stratifies kids based on characteristics like social class, when it is supposed to be equal (class notes, Nov. 24), this paradox didn’t affect me. The two main functions of

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