Social Classes Of The Rich And The Poor

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There is often times a rift seen in any type of system, two groups at minimum will emerge and try to gain power. It has been seen the most in government with the two political parties of the Democrats and the Republicans. This is evident in other systems because of the increased need in humans to gain and take whatever power that they might be able to. Not far off from government, this is seen in the economy, but it isn’t a longterm, straightforward battle. The two forces fighting against another are the social classes of the rich and the poor. This isn’t a battle for power on the side of the poor, but for equality and stability, while control is what the rich have, and what they intend to keep a hold of. There is a gap that between the rich and the poor, that recently has rapidly increased. In the question of the gap there is a growing concern that the separation can cause an economic depression if it is to keep up like it has been. The battle between the classes of the rich and the poor has extended itself by many years due to the differences in wages, unemployment, and inflation in the economy. Assessing a battle between money must start at the main source of the problem, the place where the money came from in terms of job wages. Job wages have multiple factors in determining what they are capable of in terms of increases and decreases. The biggest factor is the corporation boss and what they decide to do with the money they earn, and since most Americans are crew labor
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