Social Conformity

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Let's start off before your existence. Your mom and dad met on a small island off the lower west coast of Canada. Your mom Janice had spent her whole life on this island. Spent her whole life seeing the same couple hundred people and riding her bike along the coast of the ocean. She had an two older brothers and a younger one at the time, plus a sister. At twelve she would lose her youngest brother to a camping trip where his best friend would watch him pulled under the water by a current in the same space of water he was swimming in. He must wonder why it hadn't pulled him under as well. Fishermen found his body over a week later and your mom refused to attend the funeral. Her dad would soon become an alcoholic who missed birthdays and Christmas's…show more content…
You would continue to wear layer after layer of clothing that didn't match; you would get in physical fights for your beliefs and get sent to the office for mimicking your music teacher. It would present itself in every situation relentlessly, until some day, discipline would force you to succumb to order. Not all bad things would come from this though. You met your first best friend at the naughty desk in Mrs.Houston's kindergarten class. Let's start this off with some background information (though I suppose this whole story is background information) Something quite silly and unrelated that you merely don't want to forget, in all of it's utter stupidity. At five, you had this strange belief that anyone who wasn't white was from another planet. It wasn't racism, but more of a childish ignorance. You most likely thought it was awesome that there were real life aliens in midst of you. After meeting Shanara you would come to realize a few things - that humans were actually all one race (a fact we still to this day have trouble believing for some crazy reason); that you should pick up an atlas once in a while, and; that you would come to love this beautiful confident little girl. You would spend all of your days and afternoons with her, playing Wii fit and drinking lukewarm hot…show more content…
Acres of land to run around in, a garden bigger than the space found within an average house these days, and horses in the very back field of your land. Your dad had built a three story treehouse when your brother's were still young. At the very top was a loft that your oldest brother and his friends would often have sleepovers in. At the very bottom lay a sandbox, and sitting in it would give a view of the swings on the side of your house and the tree that must older the itself given it's size. It would blossom in the spring and you would cut your way through its branches and find a way to be in the middle where it was dark and warm. From the second floor of the treehouse to the bottom was the slide you would go down over and over again when it snowed in the winter. You loved the winter when you were young. Your father would spend hours of the day shovelling snow into a large mass in the middle of the yard, then pack it down and later dig out the middle to form an igloo. How generically Canadian does that sound. Also how you would get up early in the morning and drizzle maple syrup on the freshly fallen snow so you could wait for it to harden and eat it later in the day. If all of this wasn't enough, your dad decided that we needed more. Him and his brothers worked tirelessly for weeks on end, building us a zipline that would come to climb over 25 feet and stretch across the enclosed
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