Social Construction Of Animals

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The idea of social construction, to put it simply, is that our society creates norms to categorize people. The norms created usually coincide with the time period in which they were made, however, the expectations of society change over time. For example, fifty years ago people were still being shunned for interracial relationships, however, in current times, it’s not that big of a deal. Constructing norms has had a very prosperous run in society, ideals that were created years and years ago are still being held as fact today; specifically, those regarding gender. If we use animals as a comparison, we can realize that sexuality and gender in humans is a socially constructed idea that is used to put people into categories to fit the ideals of …show more content…

Male animals will mate with each other and not be labeled as gay, because it’s a natural instinct and is not out of gendered attraction. We don’t categorize animals’ behavior in the same way that we do with humans. Within human society, we tend to label anyone who behaves outside of the norm as something abnormal; if a man holds another man’s hand, we automatically assume they are a gay couple, and that doesn’t fit into the ideal of heterosexual relationships, therefor we reject it. The idea that sexuality is a construct can be proven by the fact that sexuality isn’t a black and white thing, it fluctuates between a variety of different attractions: gay, lesbian, straight, pansexual, asexual, aromantic, queer, et cetera. Sexuality is fluid not stagnant. Sexuality is a main basis for media representation, as we are shown heterosexual relationships most often. Usually, the times that any non-hetero relationship is being projected in the media, is when it is specifically aimed toward the LGBT+ community. Rarely do we see non-hetero sexualities as the norm in media, rarely does it ever go uncommented on. When those sexualities are shown in the media, it incites controversy and conversation; people tend to point it out, whether it is good or bad. Straight relationships in the media don’t shift the

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