Hobbes Rational Interests

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Promotion of Rational Interests
According to Addison (2011), the social contract theory of Thomas Hobbes advocated for rational interests of publics. It upheld the fact that rational individuals form a government. On top of this, the government was given the responsibility to protect the property and lives of rationalists, which is being practiced by almost every government on a global basis.

However, the relevance of Thomas Hobbes’ Theory to the Modern World by [Izaac (Isma)
Wambi] the social contract challenges rational individuals to over throw the government in case if it violates people’s rights. This has promoted rational interests, and justifies why what seems to be bad governments are over thrown today.
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There would be absence of social order. But Hobbes’ emphasis on equality has led to contentment in the modern world. People are able to be satisfied with the little they have by equating it to what is great through the contract.
Promotion of Justice and Relations
Another relevance of the social contract theory of Thomas Hobbes to the modern world is the promotion of Justice, and relations among individuals, and states. Neidleman (2012), argues that there are two major dimensions of the social contract theory. The first one is referred to as the “empirical dimension”, which explains the historical structures of the origin of the state. To me, this means that geographical features may form a state.

The relevance of Thomas Hobbes’ Theory to the Modern World by [Izaac (Isma) Wambi]
The second dimension is the “normative dimension”. It accounts for the principles of justice that make a state legitimate or real. This reveals the fact that a state is made up of people, and not trees, land, or buildings, though they contribute to what it is. These two dimensions are very important in making us

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