Social, Economic, And Economic Status

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Social, economic status (SES) is normally measured as a combination of income, education, and occupation. It is often conceptualized as a social class or standing of a person or a group. When looked through a lens of social class, power, privilege, and control are stressed. Besides, an analysis of analysis of SES as a continuous or gradient variable shows inequalities in the access up to distribution of resources. SES is necessary for all realms social and behavior science, including education, practice, research, and advocacy. Low SES together with its correlates, like poverty, lower education, and poor health, ultimately has an effect to the entire society, more so, the children. Children globally face one of the highest poverty rates within the industrialized world. The existing inequalities in the distribution of wealth, resources and the quality of life are on the increase globally. Society gains from more focus on the socioeconomic inequities’ foundation and the efforts to minimize the big gaps in socioeconomic status internationally. Behavioral together with the social science professionals have the tools that are required to study and establish strategies that can eliminate these disparities at both societal and individual levels. The SES level of a family is strongly related to the parenting strategy and parenting styles, and these ends up affecting the children in the long run. Parenting strategy refers to the way that parents deploy so that they can interact

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