Social Effects Of Immigration

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After numerous years, immigration in the United States still remains one of the most controversial topics that keeps any one politician as busy as a beaver. In fact, immigration is a very broad topic which can be derived from an extensive amount of viewpoints. For instance, immigration can be viewed from the economical, safety, population, and even language standpoint. For some, immigration is portrayed as beneficial to the country by helping retain global talent, increasing diversity, and opening up new ideas. Although that is true, the effect of immigration is more detrimental to the United States due to the fact that immigration creates numerous issues, as well as consequences to those issues, in the workforce. Among these issues include communication barriers between the employee and customer, decreasing wages, and increasing job competition; and of the consequences include utilizing an immense amount of America’s few resources such as the welfare system. Unfortunately, communication barriers that exist between American employees and immigrant end users may result in massive complications such as making the jobs for employees more difficult. For instance, as the nation is being flooded with a rise of immigrant communities, “hospitals, clinics and health-care providers are increasingly confronted with language and cultural challenges that can discourage people from seeking care and lead to calamitous errors in diagnoses and treatment regimens” as mentioned in Eliza

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