The Immigration Issue Of Immigration

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Immigration is one hot topic in today’s conversation and society. Many think that immigrants coming to America are taking many jobs away from who need them. Some also think that there are jobs being taken away are not ones that Americans would not perform due to the horrible working conditions, low pay, and lack of important medical coverage. The immigration issue has come to a point where the United States must make a decision to spend a lot of money to curtail the amount of immigrants coming here.
Immigrants are not necessarily taking jobs away from the hard American worker. The work occupations that the immigrants take are illegal for any legal (licensed) employer to employ any American worker. The typical job sites that would be including but not limited to: unsanitary working conditions, dangerous equipment without proper safety precautions, extremely long working days, and less than minimum wage for work rendered. There is not one citizen in this country that would stand for such an outrageous environment to work in or work for a company that allows it to happen. Many citizens would go directly to an inspection board to have the factory and/or plant evaluated to see if the factory could pass any sort of inspection for the welfare of the workers. Hence, the factory/plant would be closed down and there would be even fewer jobs for Americans.
Immigrants are a growing part of the labor force. As the foreign-born population has grown as a share of the total population,

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