Social Imagination

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Social Imagination is when people connect person experiences to those in the society. In other words, it just means that we use our experiences to connect with other persons. What this process does is to make us question our own habits and/or customs and by doing so, it becomes more natural to us. We can connect with so many people all over the world if we use social imagination because it is a process that brings social diversification to the world. It's a simple process, we just have to be able to just do it. Many people are afraid to connect with their personal experiences maybe because they are private people and they go about practicing their own rituals and traditions. That is fine but by using social imagination you can connect and learn with so many other people that are in the same position as you-all trying to be more aware and more open minded to one another. …show more content…

Yes to many this may seem odd that it would be considered social imagination but it is. To many tea drinking can be done because it is suggested as healthier than drinking coffee. It may also be drank because of traditions or rituals, esp. if you were in England drinking tea is a tradition that spans hundreds of years. Here in America and maybe some other countries, drinking tea is not widely practiced because it is not a tradition or ritual that we do or some other countries do. So drinking tea is a use of social imagination because we can use it to connect with all of those people all around the world that drink tea. By doing so, sociologists can connect with people by just practicing certain acts such as drinking tea, or even getting married. There are many different activities that constitute as social

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