Social Inequality Essay

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Is it possible that the most important solution to economic and social inequality isn't addressing policy, but instead it is facing the problem of racism? While American claims to be the land of “Equal of opportunity”, we haven't followed through on our promises very strongly. America had always tried to pursue the idea that where you come from should not determine your social aspects in society because we believe that everyone is created equal no matter gender or race.“Equality of Opportunity” is a very central concept of progressives in America. Therefore, the state should guarantee each citizen’s equal right to a fair trial, quality public education, or having access to good housing and food. But if you were to take any one of these areas and apply it to the community, there are hundreds of inequality problems that could be found. A lot of people that want to reduce inequality believe that race isn't relevant to understanding or fixing the problem, but a large majority of the problem comes from the correlation of poverty and racial tensions.
A lot of progressives think that if we talk about race, that it will end up diving us. But the hard truth is, we are already divided. And we’re divided because there is constant talk of race in our society by conservatives . They are not talking about race expressly, they are using dogwhistles. Dog whistle politics is when politicians use coded language they defend as benign, but is intended to provoke strong emotional responses on

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