Social Issues Of A Materialistic Society

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1. We as individuals live in a very materialistic society. Some individuals buy material items because they think having material possessions gives them a higher social status and makes them happier. In most cases, when individuals have materialistic items, they have a tendency to redirect their focus to getting more stuff. Sadly, for some, the more they have the more they want to get. Possessions do not equal happiness! In fact, there are a lot of social issues in a capitalistic society that go hand-and-hand with a materialistic lifestyle. According to the research journal, Personality and Individual Differences, “materialistic people find it more difficult to be grateful for what they have, which causes them to become miserable”. For example, those who are very materialistic have higher rates for suicide, nervous breakdowns, or mental illnesses compared to a person who is not (1). Unfortunately, some individuals go through life with the mindset “without materialistic items I cannot thrive and become who I really am”. Ultimately, while incorporating Gerald M. Nosich’s elements for critical thinking I will be using a wide variety of examples and research to explain the definition of happiness, why everyone should believe that possessions cannot supply one with long-term happiness, and the secret for one to experience everlasting happiness.
2. Happiness… For many, it is simply being able to live freely and do whatever, whenever without having any restrictions that may
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