Social Issues Of Rap Music

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Since its origin in the late 1970’s in the South of Bronx in New York City, hip-hop has emerged as a national predominant form of music in America. Also known as rap music, it is consistent with fast rhythmic vocals that gained popularity for speaking the raw truth of matters many people were scared to deal with. Artists originally used this creative platform in order to give a voice to the urban poverty in America. However, the main issue in urban areas changed. The matter became more about the increase in violence particularly towards the harassment black communities faced by police. Consequently, rap music became more violent to this new racial uproar in the streets. It developed a new subgenre of rap called gangsta rap. Moreover, racial abuse continued to be present in the urban streets, such as the 1992 Los Angeles riots. Because of this gangsta rap remained as the main component of hip-hop to this day. Due to its explicit presentation of violence, it is assumed to be a genre of unconscious vulgarity causing critics to deem it as detrimental to society. However, rap music does not cause violence but instead brings awareness to the violence already present to the world, specifically urban areas. Despite common belief, rap music is beneficial to our society due to its creation of platforms for social injustices to be addressed as an attempt to bring awareness to these issues. Rap music brings a new perspective to social issues. Many of these social issues such

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