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The term Wealthy is only mentioned by the most recent presidents, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barrack Obama. The terms are mentioned in different ways. Clinton was talking about how America can take pride in being the only wealthy country with the most productive economy. Bush spoke on the idea of limiting benefits for wealthy retires, but soon after, the possibility of indexing benefits to prices instead of wages was suggested, which would make sense because they could just pay for what they need. Obama talked about how a surplus was an excuse to transfer wealth to the wealthy instead of bettering the nation by investing in our future. He briefly spoke on the tax code and urged congress to help fix it as it gave the …show more content…

Obama mentioned treasury stating that he would direct the Treasury to create a new way for the working class to start their retirement savings.

We is a very broad term used by every president in History. The former presidents used the term referring to the United States of America. Even though every president used the term, they used it to unify the nation to deal with each problem the nation faced during his respected term as POTUS. For example, Bush might have spoken about how we, as a nation, need more national security, while Obama might talk about how we need to create more jobs or house refugees.

God is also a trend I noticed upon former presidents. They all used the term relatively the same. The former presidents talk about seeking help and wisdom from God along with the authority of God. They each speak about Gods guidance, except for Obama. Each time Obama used the term it was simply saying God bless you and God bless the United States of America.

Taxes is another term used by recent presidents. Nixon talked property taxes and the aspects that made them unconstitutional. He was opposed to raising taxes. Carter was against raising taxes and supported reducing them to help the American people. Reagan talked about how taxes for the average family has increased by a large percent and that we should not raise taxes to cut the deficit. H. W. Bush was firm on his support for

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