Social Issues Related to Smoking and Alcohol Consumption Essay

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Alcohol consumption is linked to many harmful consequences for the individual drinker, the drinker’s immediate environment and society as a whole. There are many social consequences such as traffic accidents, workplace-related problems, family and domestic problems, and interpersonal violence.

People with alcohol dependence and drinking problems are on sick leave more frequently than other employees. In Great Britain, up to 25% of workplace accidents and around 60% of fatal accidents at work may be linked to alcohol. drinking alcohol at work and hangovers may reduce productivity. Performance at work may be affected both by the volume and pattern of drinking. Co-workers perceive that heavy drinkers have lower performance, …show more content…

Also arguments over someone's drinking can cause family and relationship problems that may lead to break up. To address this families may consider going to councilling to stop the alcohol abuse and also work out any issues that have been the outcome of the constant alcohol abuse from a family member.

Link between alcohol and poverty?
Apart from money spent on drinks, heavy drinkers may suffer other economic problems such as lower wages (because of missed work and decreased efficiency on the job) and lost employment opportunities, increased medical and legal expenses, and decreased eligibility for loans. To address this issue the government should invest in centers to inform people of the horrible outcomes of alcohol abuse and also help the people who have been affected to get back on their feet.

Alcohol abuse could be costing the UK up to £6 billion a year in NHS bills, premature death, losses to business and drink-related crimes and accidents, it was claimed today.
A study by the Royal College of Physicians said drink-related health problems could account for up to 12% of total NHS spending on hospitals, about £3 billion.
But campaigners said that with the estimated £3 billion lost through absenteeism, unemployment, premature deaths and alcohol-related crimes and accidents the total cost of excessive drinking is £6 billion.

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