Social Justice, And The Demonization Of Young African American Men : Implications For Leadership

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Today’s society cannot escape the deep rooted emotions and experiences related to racial tensions, specifically those concerning interactions between African-Americans and Caucasians. It seems as though young African American men are consistently, violently murdered by Caucasian law enforcement officers at epidemic proportions. These violent murders warrant miniscule rationale, and it is rare that perpetrating law enforcement officers receive repercussions for their treacherously negligent actions. On Monday, January 11, 2016 at 6:00pm, I had the opportunity to attend an lecture entitled Race, Social Justice, and the Demonization of Young: African American Men: Implications for Leadership in Social Work presented by Dr. Oliver Johnson at Fayetteville State University. This paper explores options as to how the social work profession could assume a leadership role in addressing these issues. Options discussed include white supremacy, demonization of African American male youth, and the implications for leadership in social work.
White Supremacy
White supremacy, white separatism, and white nationalism are all a collection of racial philosophies, and a succession of coinciding political movements (King, 2015). Historically, white supremacy dominated public culture, intellectual existence, and political domination. Appallingly, white supremacy continues to infiltrate a significant amount of today’s racial conflicts. Today, the remnants of white supremacy supporters

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