Social Justice, Social, And Justice

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Social Justice Competencies Abstract I did some research on social justice competencies and today I am going to discuss with you my findings. I am going to talk about why social justice matters, social justice with counselors and counseling psychologists, social justice competencies with group workers, and social justice paradigm. Social justice is the opinion of which every person ought to have equal rights and chances whether they be financial, governmental or social. Human service helper’s goal is to unlock the gates to gain accessibility and chance for every person, especially the ones that need it the most. A quick look at the various functions of human service helpers displays in what way this worth system gives emphasis to all that they do. Human service helpers will aid their homeless clients to obtain government assistance, food share, and care for their wellbeing. Human service helpers thrive to defend and safeguard their elderly client’s economic right and guarantee the client is getting the health and economic advantages that lawfully belong to them. Human service helpers furthermore utilize social-justice values and beliefs to underlying issues in the human service organizations where they are employed. ("Social Justice," n.d.) Keywords: Social justice, social justice competencies, Social Justice Competencies Social Justice Competencies with Counselors and Counseling Psychologists For a long time, guides and advising analysts have been concerned with the

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