Social Medi A New Diverse Culture Of Communication

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Social media has created a new, diverse culture of communication. The internet has expanded tremendously and social media has grown to 2.206 Billion active users. Social Media allows society to manipulate how friends, colleagues, and acquaintances perceive their identity. Identity can be defined as characteristics relating to who they are. In 2015 young, older adults, and teens are inclined to find their identity through social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Youtube, and more.

An internet persona is a social identity that internet users develop in online communities,websites, and social media websites. This identity may be constructed by oneself in order to present themselves in a different manner. Websites like Youtube constantly have anonymous users. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram typically have your name and a comprehensive list of data about you. Online identity can determine a user’s relationship to social groups they support. Moreover, some identities can be deceptive.

In 2002 Friendster was the first social networking site where people could communicate, post photos, and share content. Currently, there are almost 600 social media sites. In some ways social media can be positive by assisting in connecting with old friends. In 2015, the majority of the world has invested so much time into social media it is hard to believe at some point it didn’t exist. Technology and social media has expanded and Facebook continues to be

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