Social Medi The Start Of No Self Esteem

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Mattie M. Wood
Professor Jonnie Genova
ENG 122- 033
12 October 2015
Social Media: The Start of No Self-Esteem
Social media increases strong traits of low self-esteem in many different age groups, by unachievable physical appearance, the negative messages media leaves, and never being able to achieve a persistence private life. There is a continuing cause of low self-esteem since it was created, girls and boys always having posts, comments, and pictures weighing on their shoulders. Social media as defined by the Oxford Dictionary as, “Social media noun [treated as sing. or pl.] websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking” was created for the soul content of creating and …show more content…

Distributive Question: What elements of social media are causing low self-esteem issues?
1. Kids have a new vision of what they should compare their appearance and personalities to. They examine the features of their body, more than anything else in their lives. It is now a trend to eat less to achieve the physical standards that social media had put into children 's minds through advertisements on social networking sites. As shown when a study was taken of girls in the age group of fourteen to fifteen were asked about eating habits, weight loss, and overall physical being. The study concluded that because of social media trends cyberbullying increased and self-esteem decrease. “Two thirds of 15-year-old girls said they were ‘too fat’ and 14 percent said they’d had nothing to eat or drink for breakfast” (Cohen). These percentages represent that social media is creating a false physical standard in young girls, and even causing kids of a very young age to stop eating. The more this generations adolescents use and abuse social networking sites the more body shaming happens and physical appearance issues occur. These children want to be the norm at such an extent that they would physically starve themselves in order to reach the media 's standards.
2. Adolescent 's are now receiving new messages from social media, which then make them grow into a different person then they wouldn 't have without media.. During the ages groups

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