Social Media Addiction

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Caroline Knorr, a journalist from CNN Common Sense Media asserts the fact that companies engineer the social media apps we utilize in a certain way that keeps us hooked (“How to resist technology”) on it in order to continue usage. Although these tactics benefit the companies that create the media apps it does not always positively affect the user. Addiction can be seen as an action that has been done multiple times to the point of creating a regular practice or habit in which the person becomes a slave to. In this case though, the base of the addiction is Social Media, what leads to it, and how one can end or prevent it. Ultimately, a habit like such can negatively impact a user to where it alters their social and everyday life. Luckily, there are methods that can help such as reorganizing the way a person uses their phone, also by modifying their actions and activities in order to increase the amount of time one can spend away from their device, as well as changing their decision making for in-app purchases.. On the other hand, there are possible refutations when bringing up the issue of social media. Firstly, and the most simple approach is by reorganizing and changing the process in which you utilize your phone. This is very critical to positively altering your bad habits. Start by turning off your notifications in your mobile device general settings. This can drastically decrease the amount of times you feel the need to check your phone since there will not be a
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