Technology Takeover : Addiction And Technology

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Technology Takeover
Teenagers and young adults have become too reliant on their technology and not appreciating what the world has to offer. It’s getting more rare to see a teen WITHOUT a cell phone. In today’s world, our society revolves around technology and has become excessively dependent on it. People need to realize that we need to start living for the moment instead of living through a screen. If you can’t spend a whole day without being on your phone then you should discover why you spend so much time being on it and if it’s practical.
The first reason why technology is becoming an addiction is because people are no longer utilizing these gadgets to help make life easier, they are making technology their entire life. For example, most teens and young adults are signed up for multiple social media account including Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat and they can't but check these accounts all day. Some people could argue that they are staying connected but what they don't realize is that people would rather deal with a machine than have face to face encounters. This type of behavior and thinking harms human interactions. It’s sad to think people would rather text than have a face to face conversation. In addition, Journalist Todd Essig author of The Addiction Concept and Technology reveals “life on a screen and life as it’s always been known have gotten terribly out of balance. We have not yet developed cultural conventions to help us best make use of emerging
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