Social Media Addiction

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Although many people are addicted to the internet and social media, one girl experienced it in a rather harsh way. The now fifteen-year-old girl started “acting out” when she was just thirteen in the year of 2015. Her parents then turned off the service to her phone and took it away; but she would just buy a old or used phone from her friends, any phone she could get her hands on. In addition, she would stay up until 4:30 in the morning just looking at her feed, she also had multiple accounts for each app and would block her parents so they couldn’t see what she was doing or posting. Also, her social media addiction lead to the use of drugs and alcohol. At one point, when she was 13, the police showed up at her house in California, to inform her family that she was involved in a blackmail attempt, which included her nude pictures. Along with that she wrote a suicide note which she posted on her social media, had ended up on her parents phones, but she received treatment for “excessive social media use, substance abuse, and mental health,” (“ np).
In fact social media causes underage drinking in many teens. In a study found in 2011 teens are five times likelier to use tobacco, three times likelier to use alcohol, and twice as likely to use marijuana, (“2011 National Teen,” np) and these numbers just keep on growing. Also, recent studies found that 75% of teens seeing pictures on social media of other teens drinking or smoking weed encourages them to party and do things in

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