Social Media And Its Effect On Society

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Though the importance and dependence of social media in society this meaning has been developed. The third principle of symbolic interactionism is that “meanings can change or be modified through interaction” (Ferris and Stein, 2014, pg. 32). This principle proves that social media does not have to be a negative influence is the dependence and meaning of it in society changed. If society, particularly younger generations, did not place such a heavy importance on social media it would not have the meaning that it does in our society. If social media did not have the importance in society that it does it would not have the power to negatively affect the mental well-being of so many individuals. As discussed in the social interactionism method society is shaped by interactions that can be recurring and thus reshaping society (Ferris and Stein, 2014, pg. 29). This means that interactions can constantly be changing and society will change along with these interactions. According to my research and this principle of symbolic interactionism social media is unhealthy for society because it is an environment full of many unwholesome interactions and these interactions will continually shape society. When bullying and negative comments are seen as frequently as my research showed it is clear that these interactions are not healthy in shaping our society. Since the main premise of symbolic interactionism is that “interaction and meaning are central to society” (Ferris and
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