Social Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

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What it Means to be Black
In 2016, society is at a place where people are able to discover tons of information at the touch of a finger; this indeed can impact on how we view common things in society, such as identity. This statement holds true for “blacks” or African Americans as well. The stigma that comes with being black has been around for centuries; however, many blacks are using social media to combat negativity. In an era predicated on the use of the internet, black people have proven to be influential and resilient; having the ability to rise above hate. Blacks are able to rise above and cultivate change through the use of internet, music and sports.
African Americans face many things such as police brutality, prejudice, negative stereotypes and many other issues. Blacks as a whole have been able to take steps in a positive direction to establish change and display the true strength and character of the black community. One of the most common experiences we all share primarily is an education from elementary school to high school. Apart from what you learn at home, school is a place where you are able to learn who you are and the identity of others. The Pan African Journal Studies stated this about blacks: “Through a combination of a historical narrative and popular media, Black identity has come to be socially constructed as negative inside and outside the classroom” (Childs 66). With school being a large part of early social development, it can be inferred that

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