Social Media And Its Impact On The United States

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Protests in Baltimore over the death of 25-year-old Freddie Gray while in police custody have invoked a broad spectrum of responses and emotions in the United States.

Many have taken to social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to express their views.
The remarks have been both supportive of citizen protests and condemnatory. The relative anonymity of the Internet has led some critics to go to inflammatory extremes, such as suggesting that the U.S. send protesters to Iraq to get beheaded by ISIS, the fundamentalist Islamist group hell-bent on slaughtering anyone who does not conform to their worldview.

Many of these social media commentators did not understand why citizens might be upset with the status quo, and …show more content…

Isn’t that a natural army for him? Take the Crips and the Bloods, give them a green uniform and give them a weapon and they’ll keep order in the streets. Won’t they?

According to a CBS poll, 61 percent of Americans say racial relations in the U.S. are generally bad. That is an increase from the same poll taken two months ago, when 44 percent made the same judgment. Historically in America, whites have usually painted a rosier picture of race relations in polls versus blacks. However, with the tensions of the past year across the country, the gap in opinions has significantly diminished. Social media is only a reflection of that.

There is a general sense of weariness on both whites and blacks, albeit for different reasons. While whites generally say that they are tired of “talking about race,” blacks seem to also be tired of the lack of understanding of what they see as an unequal justice system and overaggressive police when it comes to their communities. It seems that the question of whether those who rioted were justified overshadowed the reason for the outrage in the first place, the death of a young man while in police custody.

There is a term that is often brought up when these issues arise, “reverse-racism.” With the mainstream media focusing on race in an officer-involved shooting, whites feel that they are being unfairly demonized for the color of their skin.

A commenter on a NY Times

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