Social Media Applications

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Social media has moved from just being a fun tool to connect with family and friends. It has now become a powerful tool which is being used in the classroom and businesses alike. In the classroom social media facilitates connection and communication between teachers and students and students and students. It enhances the teaching learning process and increases the opportunities for learning in a more exciting and new ways. The use of social media tools in the classroom will not only enhance communication process but will also encourage the sharing of information and work among students. Social media in the classroom can be used to connect with other classrooms, have conference with parents, implement new ideas, have literature come to…show more content…
Blogs can be used in the classroom for classroom management, collaboration, discussions and also for student portfolios, (Glencoe, 2006) With the widespread use of technology in the classroom blogs are almost becoming a necessity. Web blogs such as WordPress are used as educational tools not only to teach and engage students but to also keep parents up-to-date of what is happening in the classroom and the school as a whole. Blogs can be used by the entire school community. WordPress is used by many schools to host their websites. This also enables the school to posts news items on the FrontPage of the blog and adds any other pertinent school information. Blogs have also proven to be very useful in the classroom and can be used as the class website. Here the teacher can post links to resources, assignments and any other relevant information for the students. Implementing the use of WordPress in the classroom also provides an avenue for parents to keep up-to-date with their children and what is happening in the classroom and at the school in general. WordPress can also be used as a general class blog. With this the teacher can post daily tasks, information that was covered in class and also keep a calendar showing when assignments are due. Again both parents and students are kept up-to-date especially if a student has been absent from school. Another use of blogs in a school environment is for discussion and collaboration. The
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