Social Media Impact On Suicide

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Suicide is the leading cause of death among the nation. The numbers are rapidly increasing each year and social media plays a major key role in it. Social media has become a place where people mainly teenagers say their final words by posting a suicide note or even stream it live. It has made social media a negative place for people of all ages. Bullying and cyberbullying also play a major role in children, teenages, and young adults lives when they decide to take their own. Besides bullying, addiction, depression, anxiety, and mental health are another key role in suicide. The number of suicides have increased sharply over the years because people feel hopeless. Individuals who come to the decision to take their life may feel hopeless.…show more content…
It is important for advocates to be educated before they educate others about awareness and how to help them. Recently, I have been educating myself and speaking to people who are already educated in the field of mental health that way I can help others around me. Creating a page on a social media platform filled with positivity, advice, tips, and signs to look out for is how I would try to reduce the negativity we see online everyday. Being a good role model and trying to help those who feel helpless will hopefully inspire others to go out and do the same. Everyone in the world could use someone to confide in when they feel like giving up is the only option. Through education, the darkness of not knowing something will become light. A light you can then pass on to someone else. A popular organization called Send Silence Packing goes around the country to educate high school and college kids about suicide. They place backpacks on the staircases to represent all those in high school and college who took their life away. This organization is helping educate many students around the world, which will give them the knowledge to educate others and further their own…show more content…
All it takes is one person to tell someone they are worth it after they see a post about someone wanting to give up. Starting an online support group will slowly start to replace the chat rooms where bullying takes place. It is important for those that are suicidal to understand that what they want to do it irreversible. Social media is slowly taking over the world, but it is also tearing others apart. Going beyond social media, there are many movies out there that are trying to show people there is more to life. Cyberbully is one movie that stands out to me the most. A young girl was being cyber bullied through a chat room. She then proceeded to bottle her emotions up and keep them from her mother. It got to the point where she wanted to give up. She recorded herself overdosing and it was streamed live for all to see. She was found in time for her life to be saved, but many teens are not saved in time. She had low self-esteem from the bullying. This movie really opened my eyes to see that words truly do hurt. It also showed me how irreversible those actions are and how I would hurt those who care about
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