Social Media Reflection

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As I created my media campaign, I focused on three concepts from social cognition: cognitive dissonance, object appraisal function, and message effect. I was not only interested in how my audience would perceive my message, but also, in how my own perceptions shape my actions and beliefs in relationship to environmentally friendly behaviors. Initially, I thought about my childhood and growing up and the messages about the environment my own parents taught me. Because I grew up on a farm, we were consumed with wasting as little as possible so that our family business would continue to flourish and support us.
I decided to focus my media campaign project on the issue of household food waste. According the Environmental Protection Agency, the average American throws out 20 pounds of food per month and spends $2,200 on wasted food. This information helped confirm that I wanted to do my project on food waste.
Growing up we had lots of chickens and we fed food scraps to them. With the resurgence of interest in chickens I thought that would be a good topic. But when I started designing and planning material my idea just would not gel. I realized that part of the reason I was struggling is that I no longer have chickens and because of that it was hard for me to make a persuasive case for others to keep chickens. Also, I do not think that my intended audience would be able to have their own chickens. Consequently, I decided to discuss something that was practical and could be

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