Social Media and its Effect on Eating Disorders

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Feet together, thighs apart, this is called the starving art. Powerful quotes such as these sweep the internet on social media websites, leaving harsh marks on all who read them, especially the extremely impressionable youth of America. Today’s youth is becoming heavily reliant on social media outlets such as Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook, but it comes with a problematic cost, mental disorders on the rise. Eating disorders, depression, bipolar disorder, and other mental disorders are rapidly becoming more and more common in hospitals all across the nation, and social media is fueling the fire. There are solutions, though, ones that can and will work. New solutions are being created, ideas such as better limits in social networking, a more healthy body image on billboards, and being more careful on what message companies are sending out to the new generation. We as a country need to take a stand and realize that our youth is being permanently scarred, and we can help prevent this. Disorders are a widespread problem, and one that is causing serious effects. Eating disorders are extremely dangerous psychological disorders that can lead to many other problems. Eating disorders and depression are also linked together, as depression can cause under eating, and eating disorders can lead to depression. (NIHM, Depression)Young adults and children are constantly under the blow of media, on social networking, reading magazines, or even just going shopping. In a research study of 600

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