Social Networking And Privacy : It 's A New Age Of Technology

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Social Networking and Privacy It’s a new age of technology; use of social networking websites is increasing day by day. Every single aspect of our lives asks for technological services. Technology is getting more important day by day for humans to survive, every single person now a day’s uses social networking websites like facebook, twitter, pinterest, instagram or at least one of these websites mainly facebook. Social networking is a way to connect with people with similar tastes as oneself and to communicate with friends and family that are far away. Social media is a collective of online communication channels dedicated to community based input, interaction, content sharing and collaboration (, …show more content…

“The word privacy has been used to describe many concerns with the modern world. It is a complex even before other concerns are lumped with it. The concept of privacy needs to be carefully examined. It defies easy, and many proposals to protect privacy have gone forward without a clear articulation of what privacy really is. Importantly, privacy is a personal, subjective condition. One person cannot decide for other what her or his sense of privacy must be” ( Privacy gets totally ignored when it comes to social network. Whenever we create an account on social networking websites let’s just face the truth and admit that 99% of us don’t really read the terms and conditions which you have to agree to in order to make an account. We think it’s too long and no one really reads it so why should we but it’s really important to read those terms and conditions because you are agreeing to them and it can contain anything regarding privacy concerns, it actually does. Facebook is one of the largest networking sites which was created by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. He first made a website called which was a hot or not game for Harvard students but then it progressed and he actually hacked into accounts and took students picture to populate his website for which he was filed charges for invading students privacy. Later this website was sold to an unknown

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