Social Problems In Society

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A social problem is the condition or the behavior that have negative impact or influences for the majority of the people in which it is generally recognized as a behavioral condition that may need to be addressed and treated. Social problem may consist of topics such as global warming, capital punishment or bullying that can affect a portion in society. Due to the difference of views, a social problem may be consisting of a considerable amount of people within a society perceiving a conflicting issue within the population as a social problem that goes against the personal morals and societal order in which may call attention to the condition or behavior in finding a solution through coalition for the common cause. Social injustice based upon racial segregation had always been a never-ending concept within the American culture because it was one of the moving factor that contribute to how the country came about in the beginning to where we stand today. As the country evolved into an industrialized and technological dependent country, the underclass was deprived of the opportunities that were made available to the upper class through availability successfulness of hard work and study. While more black people are moving into the urban area of American in search of the industrialized economy in search of a better economic life alongside the white community; it increases the competition for employment in the fast involving economy. As black people are increasing fighting to gain
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