Social Problems Of Alcoholism, Drug Addiction, And Mental Illness

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The presentations I have viewed throughout the last few weeks in class have given me a whole new understanding of different social problems. The variety of social problems presented introduced me to a couple of social problems I had not given much thought to before. It also surprised me that every person in the class knew at least one person that had been affected by a certain social problem. Through the solutions presented in these presentations, I have gained knowledge of I can personally help eliminate some aspects of different social problems. The three presentations I believed to be the most intriguing were on the social problems of alcoholism, drug addiction, and mental illness. The first presentation was focused on how…show more content…
The second presentation discussed the issues that are influenced by drug addiction. The presentation by Y.C. was titled: “Living with an Addiction”. Addiction plays a role in driving under the influence, stress, and abuse. The interviewee in this presentation was named Bernard and Bernard was the interviewers father. Bernard is unemployed and has been actively using drugs for over twenty years. He described drug using to just be something to do in his leisure time. Y.C. described her father’s remorse for not playing a bigger role in her childhood and blamed this lack of effort due to his drug addiction. Y.C. understand now that drug addiction took her father away from her. Since then, Bernard has reached out for help and Y.C. helped Bernard get into a rehab program. This presentation displayed how deeply drug addiction can affect family relationships, but that there are solutions to overcoming drug addiction which I believe is useful to learn in a social problems class. The last presentation focused on how mental illness can affect people especially veterans. This presentation discussed how depression and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can lead to divorce, homelessness, and suicide. The interviewer, K.L. interviewed a United States Veteran by the name of Jones. Jones contained PTSD and depression after two wars he was deployed in. When he came home these illnesses affected his marriage and relationships, and his life got so bad that he became homeless
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