Interview Of A Helping Professional

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Interview of a Helping Professional

Hui An
Old Dominion University

Interview of a Helping Professional
It should be noticed that in the recent few decades, the science developed at an astonishing pace, and the problem of substance abuse cause a huge public concern. Currently, substance abuse has already become a pandemic around the world. It costs individuals substantially, and it of their family as a whole. It is essential for the society to help those people who struggle with drug addiction to get rid of their pain and get back their health and balance life. Therefore, I understand the substance abuse is a tough area, and people who are struggling with addiction really need help. During the course of the interview, I
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Most of the time, they do group counseling which includes ten to twelve, but they also do some individual and family. For the group counseling, it always takes about three hours each time, and the program is thirty-five days’ long. After the program, the following care of clients will be continued for another year.
Primary, as a counselor, they have to track daily notes and document everything; then they will have a team meeting to make sure they are on the same page. The reason why you have to document everything is because if you did not document, then it never happened. Supervisors will evaluate counselors’ performances, and Navy will make sure counselors did their paperwork correctly, and also there is a survey for clients to evaluate their helpers. In addition, record make sure staffs’ skills are developing, they have training twice a week, and since this hospital is a teaching hospital, Bob is also training his two interns every day.
The Individual As an addictions counselor, he is currently the senior group counselor for a co-occurring disorders group, and he is certified as an addictions counselor, nationally, through the Navy, and through the state of VA, and certified as a Clinical Supervisor for the Navy. Every morning, Bob starts to work at 7:30 am, then they will have a
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